Convos overheard #5

“…go there where students read books than be on iphones.”  * “He’s going to sing Humpty Dumpty. Well he looks like one.” * “This is long-lasting rubbish!”  * “She died and it wasn’t even her fault! I feel like crying now.” * “Don’t ignore the things that don’t make sense.” Advertisements

Convos overheard #4

“Bring him to Batam! Bachelor night, one-night stand!” –overheard in a cafeteria * “Oh my god, rape me before you rape my name!” -defender of his name * “Don’t say things that people want to hear. Say the things you really feel.” -advice to young people embarking on a new journey * “I spent a lifetime building […]

Convos overheard #3

“Learn to love across the boundaries of otherness.” –Shelly Bryant at Singapore Writers Festival 2017 * “But she’s not even pretty.” -on Sophia the robot becoming a citizen of Saudi Arabia * “The air is soooooo fresh!” -after a bout of heavy rain * “Are you wearing lipstick? Who are you trying to impress?” -convo between old friends […]

Growing love for chai tea latte…

I’m sitting by the door, watching the world go by. My view is uninterrupted – buses, cars and motorcycles turn on their headlights and find their way home. My table is full of the usual: books half-opened, pens attempting to roll off and my cup of hot chai tea latte. I’ve come to enjoy this drink […]

Distorting mirrors

Faced with different people, we choose to portray different sides of ourselves. We want people to see the way we see ourselves in different circumstances. As an onlooker, however, our perception of someone else is sometimes not the one expected by the subject. This leads to misunderstandings, which often result in one party hating another […]