Convos overheard #6

“Something is missing from my diet.” –a friend on not having had frozen yogurt for a while * “Perfection is boring.” –on going the wrong route * “Sounds like an excuse for everything.” -in response to above statement * “I will stab myself before I get stabbed by someone else.” * “Wow. This is such a […]

Convos overheard #4

“Bring him to Batam! Bachelor night, one-night stand!” –overheard in a cafeteria * “Oh my god, rape me before you rape my name!” -defender of his name * “Don’t say things that people want to hear. Say the things you really feel.” -advice to young people embarking on a new journey * “I spent a lifetime building […]

These are a few of my favourite things…

After watching The Sound of Music musical last night with a friend, it made me realize yet again that I am annoyingly clingy. I hate to let go of the musical. I hate curtain calls. I hate it when it the lights go on again. I hate it when it all has to end… I had mixed […]

Convos overheard #3

“Learn to love across the boundaries of otherness.” –Shelly Bryant at Singapore Writers Festival 2017 * “But she’s not even pretty.” -on Sophia the robot becoming a citizen of Saudi Arabia * “The air is soooooo fresh!” -after a bout of heavy rain * “Are you wearing lipstick? Who are you trying to impress?” -convo between old friends […]

Convos overheard #1

-“You have lipstick on today. I’m so happy for you!” –“Stealing is good. I encourage all of you to steal.” –“Plump and shaped to perfection, we each wanted a serving of our own.” -“Even my father doesn’t sigh. Do I have the right to sigh so many times?” –“Your water bottle is as cool as […]