Convos overheard #6

“Something is missing from my diet.” –a friend on not having had frozen yogurt for a while * “Perfection is boring.” –on going the wrong route * “Sounds like an excuse for everything.” -in response to above statement * “I will stab myself before I get stabbed by someone else.” * “Wow. This is such a […]

What a year!

What a year 2016 has been! I flipped through my diary, then penned my last post for the year. My first diary entry in 2016 mentioned a goal that I had, which was to promote local literary works in someways or another. I guess that goal got forgotten along the months, and it came back […]

Why I enjoy Literature now

Through the course of my studies, I’ve had the opportunity to learn the art of Literature in the form of plays, poems, novels, and well, basically in everyday life. When I first started having Lit lessons (at 13), I was adamant that it was a subject only for those who topped English and read voraciously. […]