Who to invite to my wedding!?!?

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED, NOT ANY TIME SOON. Calm down everyone. It all happened on a jolly and hot Saturday afternoon. My sister had just returned from a friend’s wedding. She talked most promisingly about how the vows of the bride and the groom touched her, especially so since the bride teared at […]

[Flash Fiction] Snapshot, Harvey Cedars:1948 by Paul Lisicky

“Snapshot, Harvey Cedars: 1948” by Paul Lisicky My mother touches her forehead, throwing her green eyes into shade. Her mouth is pink, her hair blond like wheat. She is tanned. She is the best-looking woman on the beach, only she will never recognize it. She wraps her long body in an aqua sarong and winces, […]

[Flash Fiction] Crazy Glue by Etgar Keret

I’ve always disliked reading short stories aka flash fiction, simply because I do not like the idea of having so many stories cramped into a single book. It takes away the joy of enjoying a good story in the span of 300-odd pages. But… recently, due to a creative writing module that I am taking […]