Of friendships and a failing memory…

I don’t have that many friends. I can’t say I have a best friend because… well, how can I say that one person is my best friend and she/he doesn’t feel the same way? Can I have best friends instead? Also, how do you draw the line between a friend and an acquaintance? But what I can say […]

Frightfully Frightening

Nightmares are frightfully frightening.  I mean, it’s dreaming in your sleep, just a fully-blown, x100000000 times scarier than a normal dream. Why are nightmares scary? I mean, if we dream of such stuff in the day I doubt it’ll bring us much fear. Is it the darkness that perpetuates our fear? Or maybe the helplessness […]

Death Sets A Thing Significant

Death Sets a Thing Significant Emily Dickinson Death sets a thing significant The eye had hurried by, Except a perished creature Entreat us tenderly To ponder little workmanships In crayon or in wool, With “This was last her fingers did,” Industrious until The thimble weighed too heavy, The stitches stopped themselves, And then ‘t was put among the dust Upon the closet shelves. A book I have, a friend […]