My heart beats a little faster

I’ve never been one to care about birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, you get what I mean. Christmas is coming and I don’t usually get excited about it; to me it’s just another  day, really. But this year, it’s a little different. I can’t quite put a finger around it but I feel a little more excited […]

These are a few of my favourite things…

After watching The Sound of Music musical last night with a friend, it made me realize yet again that I am annoyingly clingy. I hate to let go of the musical. I hate curtain calls. I hate it when it the lights go on again. I hate it when it all has to end… I had mixed […]

Growing love for chai tea latte…

I’m sitting by the door, watching the world go by. My view is uninterrupted – buses, cars and motorcycles turn on their headlights and find their way home. My table is full of the usual: books half-opened, pens attempting to roll off and my cup of hot chai tea latte. I’ve come to enjoy this drink […]

Of friendships and a failing memory…

I don’t have that many friends. I can’t say I have a best friend because… well, how can I say that one person is my best friend and she/he doesn’t feel the same way? Can I have best friends instead? Also, how do you draw the line between a friend and an acquaintance? But what I can say […]

What a year!

What a year 2016 has been! I flipped through my diary, then penned my last post for the year. My first diary entry in 2016 mentioned a goal that I had, which was to promote local literary works in someways or another. I guess that goal got forgotten along the months, and it came back […]

(mis)Representation of the Chinese culture in Mulan (1998)

Disclaimer: This post is for a film assignment. CS8900 Assignment 2: by Diana Goh Mulan (1998) Directors: Tony Bancroft, Barry Cook Animation giant Disney’s first foray into exploring the Chinese culture as its main story lands itself the story of Mulan (1998). This animated film is based on the tale of Hua Mulan, a Chinese female […]