These are a few of my favourite things…

After watching The Sound of Music musical last night with a friend, it made me realize yet again that I am annoyingly clingy.

I hate to let go of the musical. I hate curtain calls. I hate it when it the lights go on again. I hate it when it all has to end…

I had mixed feelings about leaving the theatre yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, the musical was great! It was so great I had to drag myself out of my seat. While I did regret not getting a more expensive seat closer to the stage, I was even more disappointed when the show ended.

Can you tell by now how sad I was to have to leave?

It wasn’t the first time something like that happened. Whether it was a concert of my favourite singer, a play, a good movie, anything that was that good, I always feel a tinge of pity that it all has to end. WHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

There’s something about seeing magic happen on stage, thinking about all the hard work that went behind the making of the show, and having the audience react so receptively to the show that tugs at my heartstrings (apparently it is true that there are nerves that tug at the heart but let’s not get into the details here).

Especially when all the actors come onto stage for that final bow – the rousing applause from the audience always sends chills down my spine. It’s always such a touching moment, to be able to feel and see all the blood, sweat and tears come into fruition.

And that’s why I hate curtain calls. I hate to see them leave. I want the show to go on. The show must go on!!!

But for all we know, it was good while it lasted. And all great things must come to an end. :’)

I’ll be waiting for the next show, and hating that curtain call once again.


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