italiano and contemplating life…

Picked up Italian in school the past semester and I must say I’m loving it! I guess I haven’t picked up a language purely for the fun of it before and the lessons made me appreciate the fun and joy that comes with picking up a new skill. It helps that my teacher was so patient and understanding and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning Italian. And since then, I get excited whenever I hear/see Italian words around me, on videos or in papers! Amo l’italiano! Something about learning a country’s language makes me want to visit that country just so I can fully justify it’s use haha

The main point is that I love learning new things.

Also, working the past months made me realize that maybe I’m not cutout for the working world… Perhaps its the sheltered environment of school but I’ve been thinking about furthering my studies after I’m done in 2 years (long way to go, I know I know). But it’s never too late (or early) to consider my options isn’t it?

Just a year ago I was adamant that I was done with school and I would head out to the world armed with my degree and a fighting spirit but evidently the 12 months that passed has altered that thought.

Perhaps the problem is that I don’t know what to do yet. I know many people are like that too – we never actually know what we will become eventually even though we all once said “I want to be xxx when I grow up”. As we grow older we become clearer of what we don’t want to be and muddier of what we want to be.

Meanwhile, I’ll make use of this summer break to maybe pick up more italiano and maybe plan that next vacanza in italia.


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