Evenings at the playground

Many evenings ago, I brought my bros to the playground to play badminton. It was nothing special you know; we played badminton almost every weekend. But on this particular evening, another family came too and we all started playing doubles against each other.

I decided to sit out just so the kiddos could get more playing time, and I was secretly happy that both sides were playing the game like it was the Olympics. It was nice to play with someone else once in a while. Skills were on display and words of admiration and encouragement were passed around after each game, and I could see the young kids having a great time.

Which reminded me of when I was once their age. It used to be a neighbourhood affair – these play sessions. Children from the entire block gathered at the void deck or playground and we engaged in simple games: skipping, catching, badminton, “What time is it now, Mr Wolf?”, A.E.I.O.U., and many more. The playground was boisterous and bursting with life.

The playground now is newly renovated, but the crowd is never as before.

Few weeks ago, I had the impromptu decision to go to East Coast Park because I wanted to get away from life for a while, and I love sitting by the sea. (Been wanting to do this since forever but still haven’t!) But since I wanted to bring my bros along, we decided to go to West Coast Park instead. There are many different playgrounds in WCP and there’s sand too! I remember going there only once, so no harm going there again eh?

All was good and before we left, the 6 year old bro came up to me and told me, “Thank you for bringing us here! Today is the best day ever!”

I was shocked because I didn’t think a six-year-old would say that. Suspiciously, I went to my sister and interrogated her, demanding to know if she told him to convey those nice words. But fortunately, it was the six-year-old’s words of wisdom.

My heart felt so full I felt like tearing.

Today I went to the park for a (long overdue) run. It is not as crowded as before, but there was a sort of serenity about the park.

Joggers ran along the running path. One ran while on Pokemon Go. The equipment at the fitness corner was all occupied. A dog defied its owner’s calls to chase a cat. The few children at the playground laughed and climbed up and down. The sound of cars zoomed by faintly.

I watched the sky turn from white to pink to grey.

It’s been a while.


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