Words hurt.

I’m sure everyone knows that old cliché saying of words being a double-edged sword. I have no doubts about that, but all it takes is one incident to realise that some words do actually hurt.

I recently bought new pieces of clothes and while trying them out, someone close to me commented that I’d better not stand near her if I wore that out. It’s not that the clothing was bad-looking or anything; it just wasn’t her style and she didn’t like it. Of course I was a little hurt and I told her that I would never tell anyone who was wearing clothes I didn’t like to stay clear of me. The more I defended myself, the more disappointed I was. I wasn’t angry, but disappointed. I was disappointed because I realised how superficial we humans are.

We judge people based on how they look and what they wear, and then determine whether we want to be associated with them or not. I’m not saying this is anything new but this incident got me thinking about how words are all that make or break people.

So I started thinking about past incidents where I might have said something hurtful, and how the interlocutors would have felt. Would they have been happy about that? Perhaps they too, were hurt and disappointed. It’s this realization of how one’s words can make such a difference that got me. I know sometimes the truth can hurt and brutal words are necessary, but a part of me still wants to believe that the world is a bed of roses and people say nice things to each other and not hurt each other’s feelings.

Her words sting. And each time in the future I wear that piece of clothing, I will think about what she said and be a sad, moody kid again.

But I’ll carry these words with me and take it as another lesson learnt.


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