Who to invite to my wedding!?!?


It all happened on a jolly and hot Saturday afternoon. My sister had just returned from a friend’s wedding. She talked most promisingly about how the vows of the bride and the groom touched her, especially so since the bride teared at the words of her husband’s words of promise and hope for a future together. And so, we started talking about our own weddings, which (hopefully) will happen eventually.

We chatted jovially about where we would have the solemnisation ceremony, the wedding dinner, who would sit where, who would sit with who, who the bridesmaids would be… and the hardest question of all, WHO DO WE INVITE? Should we invite our colleagues? Our BFF? Our friend from kindergarten who occasionally ‘likes’ a post on FB? The neighbour we never talk to? Everyone in the office? Friends from uni, secondary school? With each option of friends being thrown up, we started counting the number of acquaintances we would invite with our fingers. I proudly announced that I would only need 1 table of friends.

Then, realising the absurdity of this act, I scoffed and realised all these wouldn’t matter if there was no groom. Are you going to order a groom online?

My sister laughed and we teased each other. You are gonna get married first.

I suppose it’s a reality and a dream everyone thinks about at least once; getting married to your soulmate and spending a blissful life ahead. Nothing wrong with that, it is a valid wish after all. Vaguely recall a conversation with a friend a few months back and into the night we were chatting at a neighbourhood playground (where a cat scratched me, no thank you). We talked about our crushes and past relationships and what we looked for in a partner and this friend had a simple wish: I just want someone I can talk to for the rest of my life.

Having this conversation with my sister made me think about the true friends I had, the ones whom I want to share my life with and spend the rest of my life talking to. And yes, I can very confidently say that this group of friends is a group no larger than 10 people. But, it’s this group that I believe I can share my closest secrets with and are those who will be there when we need each other.

Always a hot topic among some friends when we hear of other acquaintances getting together and they’re always curious to know when it’ll be my turn. Well I can only say, if you’re not in this group of 10, you won’t be hearing about it anytime soon.

And no, you won’t be invited to my wedding.


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