The little black bird taught me a lesson

It broke my heart to see a little black bird without one of its feet. It wasn’t a particularly beautiful looking bird, not that it seemed to bother. Even with a missing foot and bouts of hopping around the graveled path, it still flew. High up into the sky, where it rightfully belongs.

In this little black bird, I witnessed resilience and yet, I sensed sadness. As it hopped around, I was unsurprisingly focused on its legs.

It hit me that I was facing so many difficulties in life, just like that little bird. My life was facing a slumber and I was doubtful of decisions I’ve made. Yet, the bird was giving its all, desperately fighting for a chance to live on. And there I was, brooding over all the misopportunities in my life.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off the little black bird even as it took off into the clouds. For the rest of the day, a sense of shame lingered.

The little black bird taught me a lesson. A valuable one.


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