Dear Diana…

Dear Diana of 2014,

It’s the end of 2014, how did you think your year went? I’m sure it’s been a roller-coaster ride!

I heard that you fell sick earlier on in the year. Some day in… March? See? I’ve always said to have your meals regularly, haven’t I? After the hospital scare you must have learnt your lesson haven’t you? I hope you’re having your meals at proper timings, and of course, eating balanced meals! I must say I was proud of you for competing in the sports competition you had despite all the pain. It was a good show of resilience but remember, health is more important than anything else in this world. So if you suffered such pain again, I’d wish for you to put your health in first place.

I also realised how you’ve become more patient in dealing with different situations and people. Great job! It’s a big step forward from your former self; short-tempered, keeping things to yourself and being so pessimistic. I’ve watched you grow throughout the year and I’m really glad for such an achievement! Do you recall the time you told me how these 2 years in college have made you appreciate the little things and people in life? Really hope you’re still holding on to such a belief! While the journey may not have been a bed of roses and marred with meanders and potholes, these obstacles have injected much more shear strength into you, haven’t they?

Oh! Plus, you signed up for a business-like programme, which was a completely new experience, wasn’t it? I heard you got the opportunity to interact and befriend friends from all walks of life, which I believe has been largely beneficial for you! Other than the business and pitching theories picked up, I’m pretty sure your social skills have inched up a few notches too! How was that trip overseas, by the way? I wish I had the opportunity to experience the cold just like you did. It’s sweltering in Singapore and that cool weather would have been a fabulous getaway. Maybe one day, we could go for a vacation in winter together!

Wow! Seems like you had a wonderful year! Though I know you do have some regrets of this past year, I hope you don’t dwell on them for too long and get pumped up for the new year! The new year presents new experiences, emotions and insights. Be ready for them! They’ll come much quicker than you think!

Looks like I’ve got to go! I wish you all the very best, and may the new year be a wondrous one for you. Hope to hear from you soon, and see you in 2015!

Lots of love,
Diana of 2015


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