On the other side of the net…

I’m sure avid tennis followers would know about the current WTA finals going on in Singapore. Needless to say, I am following the matches very fervently (in the midst of hitting the books as much as I can, of course) as well. Wish I could go down to watch all the action live but I’m pretty satisfied with watching it live from home too!

Last night, it was round robin between my favourite player Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki and those who watched the match would agree that it was no easy win for Wozniacki. It was an intense match served plentifully with double faults, winners, and unforced errors. With eyes glued to the screen, I was no different from the 10 000 spectators in the audience, cheering at every well-fought point and sighing in disappointment with each missed opportunity.

Both players are top-notch, undeniably. Yet, during the match, Wozniacki had a little more aggression, a little more precision and undoubtedly, a little more stamina. Her runs across the court to return short rallies and unexpected returns for line balls were a pleasant to watch for adrenaline seekers.

When a player serves, the other watches intently at the ball, readying herself to return the powerful serve. Wozniacki sees Sharapova and Sharapova sees Wozniacki. Fans of both players cheer on their favourites, warranting a reminder to keep silent from the umpire. The stadium quietens, but in the minds and hearts of the thousands of fans, they want to see (probably hear and feel too) their favourite win. I wished Sharapova had won, but I am heartened she did not go down without a fight. A valiant one, in fact.

Sharapova’s next match will be against Petra Kvitova, an opponent she beat in Beijing earlier in the month. Yet, this too, will be no stroll in the park because Kvitova, too, is out to win.

At that match, I’ll still be rooting for Maria, win or lose. But of course, it’ll be great to see her lift that trophy on 26 October.


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