Why I enjoy Literature now

Through the course of my studies, I’ve had the opportunity to learn the art of Literature in the form of plays, poems, novels, and well, basically in everyday life. When I first started having Lit lessons (at 13), I was adamant that it was a subject only for those who topped English and read voraciously.

I had difficulties scoring in tests and examinations. It wasn’t a subject that could be tested based on Scientific concepts, Mathematics formula or by reading model essays. I guess at that point in time, the young(er) me had yet to become sensitive to the skills essential in the study of Lit. While I scores decent scores for the year-end exams, I didn’t enjoy lessons very much.

Furthermore, it didn’t help that I had my coursework based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. 14 year old me thought the play was ridiculously hard to understand.

The time came when me at 17 years old had to decide whether to study Lit for the A Levels. After nights of consideration, I decided to take the risk and study Lit (only because I did not want to study the Sciences because I suck at them). Long story short, I embarked on my journey with Lit once again.

About a year and a half has passed and I’m proud to say I do not regret my decision to take up Lit. While I may not be the best in deciphering poems or making sense of plays and novels, I feel like I’ve learn to be more critical and analytical in all other subjects as well. Even when reading newspaper articles or watching drama serials, I’ve become more attentive to little details in each character and more sensitive to different adjectives used in stories. All these little skills I’ve picked up have allowed me to better understand the makings of the art.

Most importantly, I feel that I’ve been able to express my thoughts and ideas better. Instead of just reading articles and watching shows mindlessly (like I used to), I find meaning in analysing minute details I otherwise would not have realised had I not taken Lit. And without Lit, I wouldn’t have started my own series of poems that are remnants of my true feelings and experiences.


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