Distorting mirrors

Photo from http://academic-jungle.blogspot.sg/2013/10/funhouse-mirror.html?m=1

Faced with different people, we choose to portray different sides of ourselves. We want people to see the way we see ourselves in different circumstances.

As an onlooker, however, our perception of someone else is sometimes not the one expected by the subject. This leads to misunderstandings, which often result in one party hating another or in worse case scenarios, everyone hates each other.

I believe there is reason for a person to behave a certain way he does and we should not judge anyone just based on that. It’s cruel how society defines an individual just by our perception of the individual’s behaviour and mannerisms.

Just like a distorting mirror, often at times, we choose to only see the flaws and imperfections of a person.

As if we don’t have any.


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