Time is love

If there are any advertisements that I absolutely love watching, they have to be the ones from Solvil et Titus. It’s an established brand involved in retailing of watches, and I must say, when I first watched their advertisements, I had no idea they were promoting their latest line of watches!

The latest promotional video was released in April 2014, and filmed in a Normandy beach in France. It features the serene and tranquil natural environment, which is something which I enjoy very much. The black-and-white filter adds on to the extremely calming and romantic ambiance, presenting a picturesque and timeless scene.

I’ve heard of some tearing after watching this ad because despite it being a seemingly common love story, it tugs at one’s heartstrings and allows us to reflect on our own perspective of love.

Creators of the ad, of course did not forget the main tool of their commercial, which very subtly appeared in the video for a mere 3 seconds! Cleverly crafted ad, vastly different from many ads today which present their products upfront and turn consumers off with corny lines and hard-buy selling.

If you have some time to spare, why not check out the promotional videos from Solvil et Titus in the previous years! Heartwarming and cleverly played out.


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