Do you believe in fate?

Recently, I read in a book that one’s destiny and fate is already panned out the moment you are born. Therefore, when there are unexpected changes to this path, one’s life is changed forever. That is, until, you rediscover yourself and your new fate.

In the book, the protagonist, Scott, is supposed to have died, along with his fiancee in a car accident. However, on that fateful day, he had a premonition that something bad was imminent and he didn’t get into the car. His gut saved him from the gates of death.

However, after the death of fiancee, the outgoing and sociable Scott closed himself up and was enveloped into his world of despair and guilt, coupled with the agony of losing a loved one. He feels lonely.  Empty on the inside and out.

Until one day, he meets Robert, who stands under a tree with a little sleepy dog day in, day out. This marks the start of a journey that Scott embarks on to recover his lost soul and to rediscover himself in the world he had so long closed off.

It got me thinking about all that has happened and is happening in my life right now. Were all these hardship and trying times destined right from the moment I was born? How about the happier times? Were they planned as well? 

I don’t believe in fate, because I believe that everyone has the power to decide how you should live your life. No one should be in control of how another’s live turns out (though I do believe that one’s live intersects with another). Even if the circumstances that one is born into isn’t great, I believe that one’s determination to drive that change will do so.

If you want something badly enough, the whole world will conspire to help you achieve it.

I believe so.



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