Beauty of language

It’s amazing how words can convey so much meaning, isn’t it? 

How a few simple words can express all forms of emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, gratefulness…

Regardless of the language, it’s this universality of words that is able to convey one’s inner thoughts without being too direct. 

For instance: “Unwanted boy becomes a wanted man.”

Short and simple, yet these words say so much. 

Even without any words, just by observation of one’s actions and behaviour, one can infer what another is feeling. Body language is as precious and pristine as the language of words.

Language is a means of communication with one another. whether silently or not.

It can cause misunderstandings and yet bring people together. It can incite hatred, but also ignite a relationship. It can bring tears to one’s eyes, on the other hand flashing a smile on another’s face.

Language is like budding daffodils springing from the ground.

It is beautiful.


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