Frightfully Frightening

Nightmares are frightfully frightening. 

I mean, it’s dreaming in your sleep, just a fully-blown, x100000000 times scarier than a normal dream. Why are nightmares scary? I mean, if we dream of such stuff in the day I doubt it’ll bring us much fear. Is it the darkness that perpetuates our fear? Or maybe the helplessness we are faced with simply because we are unconsciously conscious of the terrifying situation in the dream? 

I haven’t been dreaming in my sleep in recent times (maybe I do but I have absolutely no recollection), but when I had one last night, it was a nightmare. A frightening one. Ok I should say it’s a “morningmare”, because technically when I got jolted awake in tears, I glanced at the clock and it was almost 6 am.

In my “morningmare”, I cannot recognise anyone, except my family. It seems there is this person (I clearly remembered his name this morning but now I can’t remember) who’s bent on having me dead. No matter how fast I ran or how much I tried to hide, he always had someone watching or hearing me. I was trapped. Like an ant on a spiderweb. I felt so helpless. I kept screaming at him to leave me alone, but he ignored my pleas. 

I was riding on a roller coaster with my youngest brother and we were going up a slope when suddenly, everything turned dark. Pitch dark. The person who wanted me dead appeared. But I don’t see his face. I don’t know how I managed to see him but I do. He hollers that he wants me dead and unhesitatingly obliterates part of the roller coaster track. I flew into frenetic mode. I covered my brother’s eyes, disallowing him the chance to witness this unbearable sight. Approaching the broken off part, I clutched my brother as tight as I could, and glued my eyes shut. I’m going to die. 

Suddenly I awoke, crying like an inconsolable baby. The tears couldn’t stop. I hadn’t cried like this for as long my memory serves me. I have not experienced this unknown fear in ages. It was frightfully frightening. My mum came in and gave me a long hug, me still wailing in her embrace. 

It frightens me. How can a thought, while sleeping, be so horrifying and unsettling?


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