Jazz for COWS?!?!

I chanced upon this video on my newsfeed and thought, “Ok so are these people really so bored that they’re playing to the cows?” In Chinese, there is this idiom 对牛弹琴 dui niu tan qin , which literally means to play to the cows and often refers to a situation when one’s words go unheard or unheeded. I thought the cows would probably be thinking “These people must be lunatics! Can’t they see we’re trying to eat some grass in peace here?!!” Never did I think that the cows were actually receptive to the music!

If you caught the video, you would notice the cows gradually congregating towards the people playing their instruments. What a sight! How often do you see cows being this attentive? I think even for us, humans, it can be quite daunting to sit through a whole music show without some fidgeting (well at least for me)! It amazed me how the cows were so focused in enjoying the melodious tunes being belted out. It must have been such a joy for the performers to watch the cows paying full attention and being completely appreciative. Too bad I’m a music dummy (the most I can handle on the piano is Ode To Joy!!!) or I’d probably already have started playing to the mosquitoes swarming my legs every night. I wonder how they’ll react…


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