Look Up

Are you looking up?

From your smartphones that is.

I think we’re all pretty much guilty of spending too much time on our phones and laptops. This video very aptly brings out this issue that we face today. We have so much of a “social” life online that we miss out opportunities in securing a real life, with face-to-face interaction.

Prior to watching Look Up (see below), I came across an article which surveyed what people did when they were on the train. Unsurprisingly, almost 100% of those interviewed were on their smartphones swiping candies, checking out their pal’s ootd or texting to pass the time.

Gone are the days where we eagerly press our noses against the train windows, questioning our parents and ourselves over every foreign object that catches our eye in the outside world. We’d simply watch the buildings and trees go by, or simply indulge in an overdue library book. Admittedly, it is getting harder to turn our eyes away from technology. Little kids in trains no longer scratch their heads over wordsearch or sudoku, but simply glue their eyes onto whatever is playing on that white angular tablet in front of their eyes.

I have to admit, I’m guilty of doing so too. But as often as I can, I’m trying to reduce the time I spend online to get my ass out there and start making real friends offline.

Have you looked up?


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