To do with, or to do without…?

Everyone enjoys jamming to a good song isn’t it? Regardless of the occasion, music has engulfed all of us and we hear it all the time.

On trains and buses, it is not surprising for commuters to be plugged into their music players, shutting themselves away from all other sounds. I have to admit I am guilty of this act, although occasionally I’d prefer not to put those headsets on simply because the engines of the buses and rattling tracks leave me with little focus for songs I’d love to listen to.

Once, on a lazy morning on the way to school, I decided against listening to Demi Lovato and Maroon 5 but instead, simply closed my eyes, hoping to catch up on some much-needed sleep. I was enthralled at how silent the bus was. Other than the roaring of the engine, there was complete silence. Silence; something so intangible, something so hard to find today. It was as though the the inside of the bus was in a totally different realm of life. Unsurprisingly, I managed to nap, undisturbed, till I reached school.

I’m sure many listen to music while working out too. Whether at the gym or jogging at the park, many believe that doing so help pass time and keep them in momentum. However, I dislike having my headset dripping in perspiration, which is why I never listen to music while working out. To me, listening to music while exercising or even just walking, eliminates our vital senses; our sense of hearing and our awareness for the surroundings. What if there was a car dashing towards you but you missed the vicious honking of the car? What if a person in need was crying for help and you hadn’t heard it? Many things can happen and pass by us, even for just a second.

The next time you’re on the train, or perhaps heading for a run, leave the iPod at home and dig your ears clean. What do you know, you might hear some birds chirping, a rubbish truck driving pass, and other interesting sounds you might have been missing out on all these while!


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